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So, be courageous—it’s one of the sexiest qualities after all.

Relationship coach Marni Battista explores a relatively new area to deal with in the dating world — Facebook.

And, since you don’t want to make any assumptions based on someone else’s approval (or disapproval), don’t even ask.

Dating with Dignity has come up with some important dos and don’ts regarding how to deal with Facebook when it comes to dating.

Do: It’s okay to look up a potential date on Facebook to see if you have any mutual friends.

You’ll find yourself questioning if women who comment/post on his page are “just friends.” In addition, you want to get to know him in real time.

It’s impossible not to take in information from his Facebook profile and make assumptions based on the “image” he portrays online.

Below, she shares insights as to when you should change your single status, and how to handle your persona online.

When it comes to dating, Facebook can be the new “elephant in the room.” And, it’s your choice to make it a BIG issue or a small one.Don’t stalk your date’s profile before you meet and then casually mention you noticed he/she went on a family vacation to South Carolina a few years ago and that your family stayed in the same hotel! ”) can only be interpreted as just that: SUPER weird.Facebook is for sharing with “friends.” You’re not there yet, so don’t try to find common ground by playing detective prior to the date.Don’t: First, while you may have friends in common, don’t inbox each person to get the “low-down” on your date.Remember, their experience of him/her is only their experience.I enjoy debates and discussions and even the occasional cute animal photo/video.