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The accuracy and frequency of the updates are affected by the location permissions you've requested and the options you set in the location request object.

This lesson shows you how to get the update using the , used to track whether the user has turned location updates on or off.

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For more about retaining the value of this flag across instances of the activity, see Save the State of the Activity.

The fused location provider invokes the Consider whether you want to stop the location updates when the activity is no longer in focus, such as when the user switches to another app or to a different activity in the same app.

If your app can continuously track location, it can deliver more relevant information to the user.

For example, if your app helps the user find their way while walking or driving, or if your app tracks the location of assets, it needs to get the location of the device at regular intervals.

The lesson on Changing Location Settings shows you how to do this.

Once a location request is in place you can start the regular updates by calling that contains the location in its extended data.In this lesson you require fine location detection, so that your app can get as precise a location as possible from the available location providers.Request this permission with the Before requesting location updates, your app must connect to location services and make a location request.In response, the API updates your app periodically with the best available location, based on the currently-available location providers such as Wi Fi and GPS (Global Positioning System).The accuracy of the location is determined by the providers, the location permissions you've requested, and the options you set in the location request.Tips: To quickly update the percent complete of specific tasks to 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%, hold CTRL and click each task that you want to update in the list.