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A few farms in Vermont made national news in 2010 for pioneering weed dating.

The nights attracted a dozen people, then just five, due to rain, then seven. "It was a very exciting idea for the media, but the daters themselves weren't all that excited about it," said Barbara Richardson, office manager of the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont.

"People who are like me, who are passionate about being good civic members of society." A few weeks back, a friend sent Sarah Halvorson-Fried, a Green Corps member who works with the farm, an article about weed dating. Paschke accidentally uprooted yet another shallot, flung it into a growing pile and sighed.

Are you looking for a fun way to mix and meet with a variety of new people? It's a bit like Speed Dating, only with none of that nonsense stuff involved, like true love. After we Speed Friend, we'll go do something as a group: lunch, walks, sledding, you name it. Compared to others in the news, it was casual, in a college kind of way.No name tags, few formal introductions, no split between men and women. "I was just coming to spend some time on the farm," said Maria Paschke, 22. It also makes people feel at ease in a larger group.

Meeting people one-on-one, even briefly, allows for some interesting interactions, new friendly acquaintances, and the chance to meet people you wouldn't otherwise. 19 Members | 2 Photos *** NOTE: At the last minute, I received notice from Countryside Rides that, due to icy trail conditions, it's not safe for horses to pull sleighs.

Each month is packed with 30-50 great event choices: foodie, night out, active adventure, casual hangout…

We are an invitation-only club of people like you spending social time having fun with like-minded people. You must be single and over 21 years of age to be a member of Events & Adventures.

If you are married you must wait until you have filed for divorce to become a member.

Please search again for events in other locations near you.8minute Dating is coming soon to Georgia Be the first to know about the events!

"People do meet the loves of their lives at our events," she said, "but not so far at weed dating." The St.