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So my question is how to enable validation for hidden fields with v1.9 validation plugin.

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Another change should make the setup of forms with hidden elements easier, these are now ignored by default (option “ignore” has “:hidden” now as default). In the unlikely case that it actually does, you can fix it by setting the ignore-option to “[]” (square brackets without the quotes)." , keep in mind that the OP is simply asking about the j Query Validate plugin and his question has nothing to do with how ASP.NET, MVC, or any other Microsoft framework can alter this plugin's normal expected behavior.Some browser may not display the debug information, make sure you are using the most recent version of Chrome or Firefox.* The following example of debug console is viewed inside Chrome.The field is there, but validation disabled for hidden fields.

With validation plugin version 1.8.1 everything works as expected.

So we need to make sure if we are to set the ignore with the set Defaults method then it has to occur before the $("form").validate() is called.

If you're using MVC and the unobtrusive plugin, then you'll realize after looking at the javascript that validate is called in document.ready.

The submit callbacks returns the node as the last parameter, the dynamic callbacks returns the node and the input as the last 2 parameters.

The submit and dynamic configuration is set to true, information about the form validation will be printed in the browser console (F12).

- Demo The form validation preparation consists of loading the scripts properly and instantiating the validation object with the correct configuration.