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José's parents tell Nina she is always welcome to stay at their house.

José takes Nina to the beach, which is near the house.

Bella marks the feature directorial debut for Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, who co-wrote its original screenplay with Patrick Million.

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Nina tells José of how her father's death when she was twelve caused her and her mother severe emotional pain.Since Nina had no siblings and spent her childhood taking care of her emotionally crippled mother, she tells José how fortunate he is to have a loving family.“With a heartful of pain and sadness, I ask for prayers for my friend and ‘compadre’ Alejandro Gomez Monteverde and all his family,” his tweet translates into in English.“My deepest condolences to my soul brother, I love you so much ‘compadre,’ I put my heart in your hands and I join you in this deep pain.” PHOTOS: Reality TV tragedies Earlier this year, Monteverde shared a sweet moment with his father on Instagram, captioning the shot, “Celebrating in San Miguel de Allende, with my best friend, my life mentor, the wisest man I know.Individuals and families’ prayer lives will be enriched.

Bella tells the story of Nina, a New York City waitress, and her co-worker José, a cook.Includes a learning segment, historical timeline on the evolution of the Rosary and actual Rosary prayer with our Rosary Stars (see list below).Individuals and families’ prayer lives will be enriched. This DVD features celebrities and champions who share their inspirational reflections on how they live and pray the Mysteries of the Rosary every day.The kitchen of a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan is getting ready for the noon rush. Manny, the restaurant owner and Jose's brother, fires her. She tells him she is pregnant but says she is not ready for a baby and is seriously considering abortion.He takes her to his parents' house and introduces her to his family.Several years later, José is playing on a beach with a young girl, Bella, Nina's daughter and José's adopted daughter.