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Crochet twists are another form of the same concept, only they’re twists, instead of braids.

While they take some time and patience to create, once they’re done, they can be styled in a variety of ways—piled on top of your head, pulled back, in a ponytail, or just loose.

Other than that twist hairstyles provide the same benefits: protection of natural hair, length retention and a great base for versatile hairstyles.

Twists differ in caliber and type (hanging loosely twists and flat twists plaited close to the scalp like cornrows) There are also Senegalese twists, Havana twists, Marley twists, kinky twists.

In the case of this round-up, it’s all about the beauty, functionality and versatility of hair extensions, specifically sew-ins.

[click to continue…] Flat twist hair has been a go-to style for African American women for generations.

These won’t leave you indifferent with their graceful rounded shapes and polished curls.

African American short hairstyles embrace chic puffs, tapered styles, funky Mohawk hairstyles for black women and much more!Black hairstyles for African American women do not only perform a decorative function, they help to get thick black locks under control.Whether you prefer to flat iron your coils or go natural, you have multiple choices on how to style your luxurious mane.[click to continue…] Goddess braids are a feminine and beautiful way for ethnic women to wear their hair.Like many braided styles, some Goddess coifs can remain intact for weeks, while others will only last for a day.Check out all the great variations of this modern hairstyle that take a cue from mythological heroines.