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So DC might also be in need of an actor to play this part.

Hammer's deep voice will be perfect for the motion capture of the character. For more "Justice League" updates, keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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Six-foot-five, with shoulders that can only be described as strapping, Hammer has smooth, golden skin and eyes the color of the Pacific Ocean.On this cool spring day, his flaxen hair is windswept, and his ridiculously chiseled jawline is dotted with stubble—the first sign that behind his polite, aristocratic veneer lurks a wildness.The film, which marks Parker’s directorial debut, debuted at Sundance Film Festival in January where it won the grand jury prize and audience awards. He is known for his portrayal of the Winklevoss twins in the 2010 film The Social Network, Clyde Tolson in J. Chatters are suggesting that Armie Hammer will give life to the character Hal Jordan or Green Lantern. Out of the blue, DC's Extended Universe Co-head Geoff Johns followed Armie Hammer on Twitter. Fans and internet surfers, already declared that Hammer will play Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern in the upcoming Zack Snyder feature, "Justice League".

As Comic Book pointed out, that Hammer trolled and teased fans on Twitter for an imminent huge announcement.The film "Justice League" is slowly becoming a hype and a must-see movie in 2017.Recently, there is quite a big fuss on Twitter that "The Lone Ranger" star Armie Hammer landed a role in DC's Extended Universe.He is a man, or, at least, a large, golden-retriever-like man-boy, who seems to be having some trouble fitting his long legs in even this oversize booth.I'd read that Hammer grew up shooting in Texas ("It was a family activity kind of thing—go out and shoot a bunch of cactuses," he explains), so I suggest skipping lunch and heading to the nearest gun range. " he says, scrolling through his i Phone, trying to find one nearby.Though he does not have the muscular physique, he is tall enough to match the Dwayne Johnson's stature.