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The European Dating Agency cannot give guarantee for positive answers of Female Partners via email, mobile phone or phone; i.e. The Entrepreneur guarantees only the correctness of the given Female Partner’s email addresses.

We do not check mobile phone numbers, Skype, yahoo, MSN, ICQ and phone numbers and therefore, we do not give any guarantee for these contact details and their correctness.

The Entrepreneur gives no guarantee for continual system functionality, especially concerning the following services: watch-dog, live chat, video and sending new women profiles.It is in the Entrepreneur's interests to supply services in the best quality and at the highest level.They are not handed over to any other third subject by the Entrepreneur. By using the online dating agency services you give consent to collecting and evaluating information supplied by you.You will find the description of rules concerning such data in this document.We are not responsible for the cancelled or changed contacts of Female Partners.

As the online dating agency has no control over the given advertisements (i.e.

That is, only statistical and summary data are concerned.

Upon your successful registration, you agree with receipt of one email report in 14 days at the maximum, which is sent by the Entrepreneur of the European Dating Agency to your email address registered with us and has a data volume of max 10 kb.

hereby and duly concluded between Entrepreneur of online dating, company:,s.r.o.

Polívkova 5a Olomouc, 77900 Czech Republic, VAT identification number: 26851938 (in the Czech Republic) and the registered user - Partner The online dating agency (hereinafter Entrepreneur) has been established in order to mediate contacts (via phone, mobile phone, Skype, yahoo, MSN, ICQ or email) between Czech and Slovak women as well as women from other European countries (further Female Partners) and men from the whole world (further Partners) who want to find a partner for marriage.

Your personal data will not be given to any other strange persons, if you do not give them at the disposal of your Female Partners.