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As Becky or Brett you need to take in account all the relationships between people to reach your own goals, by playing people against each other, make them feel special or to confront them. Who knows how your vacation on Snowbird Mountain will end. --- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 2 | G A M E | --- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________ | 2 | 1 | REVIEW | A review for this game written by me can be found at ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________ | 2 | 2 | STORY | Brett and Becky are spending there winter sports holiday on Snowbird Mountain with a lot of male and female friends.

There's also an image in the Art Gallery that won't unlock, no matter how you play the levels. If somebody does know how these two parts can be unlocked, please let me know. SEAN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beckys ex-boyfriend, who cheated after a relationship of two years and got dumped by Becky. ELLIOT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Model scout for a local ski magazine. DANNY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A friend of Brett and a bit of a dork. It's possible that Art Gallery notes are not entirely correct, because you didn't achieve the same results or follow the same route as I did.

I first played with Brett, then with Becky, first as a model and then as a waitress. If you find this file at another location than the allowed locations below, please contact me using the same contact address. The newest version of this file can always be found at ___ ___ ____________________________________________________________________ | 2 | 3 | CHARACTERS | BRETT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The male playable character. Best friend of Becky, but secretly has a crush on her. Even online files are covered by the international copyright law, usage without permission can thereby be fought out in court.