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It's a very '80s take on the space shooter, with ludicrous firepower and an infinite amount of power-ups, but the calibre of its creators should ensure it's anything but 8-bit.

It's never going to be hugely challenging, but there simply aren't enough giant transforming space robot things in games these days.

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With the series traditionally tied to urban areas, the possibility of a little more freedom is intriguing, as is the suggestion that the main character's hobbies include hiking.That said, Rockstar would do well to focus on fundamentals: bringing GTA's combat up to scratch, allowing us to interact with the environment more meaningful ways, and moving from the one-employer-at-a-time structure.New maps and increased customisation round out the package – and it's free to play, too.It's certainly one to watch if you like your DOTA with a side of TF2-style cartoon charm.This sequel promises to make amends with revamped controls and a new co-op survival mode. Publisher: Ubisoft Release: 2012It's a four-player side-scrolling shooter with a little RPG flavour.

Hillbilly protagonist P Walter Tugnut can be upgraded with bits and bobs he salvages from the many, many robots he's likely to shoot.

2K remind us that 'sand has no loyalty', flagrantly disregarding the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin.

Publisher: Klei Entertainment Release: 2012We weren't big fans of the original Shank,a 2D side-scrolling platform shooter (think Contra).

Publisher: Activision Release: Summer2009's Prototype was a solid cityroaming murder sim, with some smart touches like being able to take on an enemy's appearance.

The sequel sees new protagonist James Heller taking on evil mutants and evil soldiers with equal aplomb.

It's nice to see a game wear its mission statement.