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This is a time to heal and regroup, to look within to heal your battle wounds from the divorce.The worst thing you can do is quickly get into a rebound relationship.

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(I know it is hard to believe, but some of the things your ex said about you could have been true).

Be proactive: ask your family and friends to provide you with feedback about your behavior in relationships.

On the one hand, you may not be able to make major logistical changes since you may have alimony and child support to pay, along with partial custody of your children. You made be able to make small, tangible changes in your life.

Get in touch with what you really want to do and how you want to live your life.

From a practical viewpoint, women want to have fun with you.

But if all you can talk about is how angry you are at your ex or how sad you are that your relationship is over, you won't be fun to be around.

This doesn't condone her actions; rather it acknowledges that she is human and could have done better or done something different.

Forgiveness is not about who was right or wrong, it's about you finding a space of healing and peace of mind.

Instead of approaching him you secretly dream about him asking for your number as you talk about him to your friends. Several years ago at the outset of all the changes that have recently taken place in my life I was talking to my coach about my constant feeling of breathlessness, feelings of permanently running to keep up with myself.

When your divorce decree comes through, the idea of dating is daunting. You may be thrilled that the long process is over and you're finally free to move on.

While you may not be able to make major life changes at this point in your life, you can still start moving in that direction.